Everyone Matters

      This week I spoke to a friend's law firm's employees. My friend wanted me to share some thoughts on client development and retention. My friend has many talents in addition to law. One of his talents is including all his employees in his firm's success. My friend insisted on having all his attorneys and staff listen and contribute to my presentation.

      My friend realizes everyone matters in his firm. He also realizes everyone matters in our neighborhood, business community and town. He leads his firm knowing that the first contact with a prospect matters as much as his employee requesting records or paying bills in a timely manner or trying the firm's cases in front of a jury.

      Our lunch went by quickly with new suggestions, ideas and a tasty lunch - you can see by the picture.

      When you come through Albuquerque look for my friend. He is featured on many a billboard around town.

      About Garrett

      Garrett Hennessy operates out of Albuquerque, NM as a Speaker, Lobbyist, and Fundraiser available for your organization.  Garrett speaks and consults on sales, employee retention and more. Please contact him for more information.