Make Your Calls Now..

      Monday reminds us of our to-do list.  Monday reminds us of the tasks we said we'd do when we walked into our office and began the week.  Monday is the day we are going to call for that appointment, ask the decision maker what she thinks of our proposal, ask if the hiring person has made a decision regarding our interview, and ask if accounts payable is going to cut our check today.

      Let us vow this Monday that we banish those fears keeping us from keeping those promises we made to ourselves.  Today let us stand, smile and make the dials.

      Banish the fears like the ones I felt in ninth grade.  Back then I called a girl to ask her to homecoming.  I dialed the first six digits of her number then hung up fourteen times before completing the telephone call.

      This Monday dial all seven digits the first time.

      About Garrett

      Garrett Hennessy operates out of Albuquerque, NM as a Speaker, Lobbyist, and Fundraiser available for your organization.  Garrett speaks and consults on sales, employee retention and more. Please contact him for more information.